Varta stock looks interesting at first glance, but…

Varta’s shares, which fell sharply, may recover significantly today – thanks in part to the rally in Chinese technology stocks. The TecDAX is currently trading at €29.90, up 10 percent, and the day’s high is 3 cents higher. From the point of view of the table, the share of Varta can again leave the newly formed support zone above 26.62 euros. This is not yet accompanied by signs of a trend reversal after a deep decline in the share price. The first mini-bars at 29.51/29.88 euros could be beaten, but they are not thorough buy signals. Stronger price rise for Varta shares ahead? At the two peaks of the last recovery at 32.87/3 .23 euros, the situation is different. A stable buy signal at this stage could create significant recovery potential for Varta shares. In this case, the stock price could head towards the 0 level area. If there are more buy signals at this stage, a strong resistance around 50.50/51.16 euros can be expected.

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