Mutares: Almost 80 percent

Mutares has already announced three exits in 2023. Analysts at Hauck and Aufhäuser IB believe another big exit could be coming soon. The recent sale is unlikely to have any real impact on the future dividend, which should be €1.50 per share. This corresponds to a return of 8.5 percent. However, this could change if significant success is achieved. in Mutare also continues to be active on the buying side. Analysts point to the purchase of automotive supplier Walor International in France. The annual turnover of the French is around 200 million euros. As before, analysts give Mutares shares a buy recommendation (WKN: A2NB65, ISIN: DE000A2NB650, chart). The target price remains unchanged at 37.00 euros. The experts do not make changes to the estimates. They expect 2023 revenue of .177 billion euros and earnings per share of 3.22 euros. Mutare’s , shares were up 0.7 percent at €20.65 in the afternoon. This gives the paper nearly 80 percent growth potential.

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