Verbio share: Will this be the turn to the upside?

Falling to EUR 56. 5, Verbio shares more or less closed the gap in the old chart since September 2022. The gap is part of a support zone that reaches 57.10/57.60 euros and held the share price of the East German producer of biofuels in recent days. Yesterday, Verbio shares managed to rise significantly outside the zone – the start of a new uptrend? Technically, the recent low in Verbio stock (WKN: A0JL9W, ISIN: DE000A0JL9W6, chart) has not been broken yet. It fell from the paper’s strong resistance zone of €87. 0 / 88.10 after the previous bull market to a low of €56. 5 on Thursday last week. Stabilization could begin in reverse. This time, the title has weathered well the latest renewed political tensions surrounding the ban on biofuels, showing strength. Price increases above EUR 60.60/61.15 and other marks between EUR 62.30 and EUR 63.35, as well as the 200-day moving average currently at EUR 6 .3 , can bring more „life” to the share price of Verbio and confirm the trend reversal scenario. At the same time, the range of 55.80/56. 5 and 57.10/57.60 euros is still the first stronger support for Verbio shares in falling prices. Another strong letter support is nearby at EUR 52.75/53.10.

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