Hensoldt: „A turning point” is becoming more and more concrete

Hensoldt’s turnover increased from 0.85 billion euros to 1.1 billion euros in the nine months of 2022. The result before interest and taxes increases from 12 million euros to 35 million euros. The bottom line is that Hensoldt continues to make a loss, but was able to reduce it from €15 million to €1 million. In relation to operating cash flow, the deficit will return from 16 million euros to 15 million euros. The Munich group estimates the value of incoming orders at 1.38 billion euros. „So we are in a very good position to achieve our goals for the financial year and make Hensoldt even stronger. Considering the current inflationary dynamics, we at Hensoldt are watching the cost side more than ever to ensure a high profit in the long term and create a financial basis for innovation,” said group CFO Christian Ladurner on Thursday. Hensoldt reduces debt According to the CFO of Hensoldt, the debt ratio decreased even more compared to the same period last year. „We were also able to reduce another 100 million euros in October 2022 from our standby credit line, which was fully met in 2020,” says Ladurner.

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