The dollar breathes calmly to a maximum of 1 8.85. Monetary policy divergence crushes yen. USD/JPY: Potential high 1 9.17/150.00. The dollar accelerated its rally against the Japanese yen on Friday, hitting a session high of 1 8.85. The pair is up more than 3 percent in an eight-day rally, hitting its highest level since 1990. THE FOLLOWING MONETARY POLICY DIFFERENCE IN RISK The Japanese yen is falling like a stone, weighed down by the monetary policy gap between the Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve, as well as other major central banks in the world. Although the central bank is expected to raise interest rates for the fourth time in a row by 0.75% in November, the Bank of Japan remains committed to its ultra-expansionary policy, making the yen less attractive to investors. At this point, the pair has risen well above the level that triggered the Bank of Japan’s intervention last month. The bank has so far remained inactive, but Japanese Finance Minister Suzuki reiterated Thursday that the government is committed to taking action against excessive currency fluctuations. USD/JPY: potential HIGH IN 1 9.17/150.00 AREA CREDIT SUISSE Credit Suisse currency analysts say the pair may be near a potential top: „Our response continues to push deeper into the higher area at 1 7.62/ 153.62/ 1 above 1 7.62/ 153.62/1 1 USD/JPY 62 / 68 is next seen at 1 8. 2 before the April trend resistance at 1 9.17. With rare August 1990 opening resistance at 1 9.31 and above the psychological 150.00 mark, we look for a potential top in that 1 9.17/150.00 zone.

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