The dollar breaks above parity and hits a two-year high of 1.0065. Fed tightening hopes strengthens US dollar. USD/CHF: 1.007 /98 higher targets likely higher – Credit Suisse. US$ extended Friday’s rally against the Swiss franc and will finally break above the pair to test the May high of 1.0065. The pair is on track to close its fifth consecutive positive week after rising 5% from mid-September lows. GREENBACK BASES ON FED TAKING EXPECTATIONS US consumer price data released on Thursday strengthened inflationary pressures on Thursday and boosted confidence by 0.75% for the fourth consecutive month in November. This made the US dollar more attractive to investors. In addition, amid several weakening indicators, growing concerns about a global recession also favor the US dollar, which is seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty. USD/CHF: 1.007 /98 BRAUKE PAVES WAY TO HIGHER GOALS – CREDIT SUISSE FX Analysts as Area of ​​Key Resistance 1.007 /98 Credit Suisse: „Above key barrier seen 1.007 /98.801.07 , 91.801.810.2, 1.007 /98 98.801.810, 2.007 /98.

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