Covestro, Kion, Software AG, Uniper, Zalando and Co – stock positions of the short sellers

Anyone who sells shares short, so-called short selling, must meet transparency requirements. We take a look at the latest short-seller reports. These are regulated in the EU Short Selling Regulation, which provides for a two-stage transparency system. If the net short position exceeds 0.5 percent of the issued share capital, it must be published in the Federal Gazette.

The most recently published short positions:

Share: Covestro AG – more news on this

ISIN: DE0006062144 Short
seller: Citadel Advisors LLC
Amount of the short position: 0.50%

Short seller: WorldQuant, LLC
Amount of the short position: 0.50%


Share: Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG – further news on this

ISIN: DE0008019001
Short seller: Wellington Management International Limited
Amount of the short Position: 0.51%


Share: Hypoport SE – further news on this

ISIN: DE0005493365
Short seller: Millennium International Management LP
Amount of the short position: 0.53%


Share: Kion Group AG – more news on this

ISIN: DE000KGX8881 Short
seller: Mirabella Financial Services LLP
Short position amount:0.66%

Short Seller: Sandbar Asset Management
Short Position Amount: 0.59%


Stock: Koenig & Bauer AG – further news on this

ISIN: DE0007193500 Short
seller: Millennium International Management LP
Amount of the short position: 0.65 %

———————— —-

Share: Kontron AG – further news on this

ISIN: AT0000A0E9W5
Short seller: Eleva Capital
Amount of the short position: 0.47%

——————— ——-

Stock: Lanxess AG – further news

ISIN: DE0005470405
Short seller: Point72 Europe (London) LLP
Amount of short position: 2.11%

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