Cheque: fill it out correctly to avoid fraud

The check is a means of payment that allows transfers of funds between two people on the sole basis of a writing and therefore without transporting cash and without an electronic system. These characteristics, however, have not allowed him to retain his aura in recent years. The check is in fact losing ground noticeably. Discover in this article everything you need to know about the check to avoid fraud and use this means of payment in the most secure way possible.

Thus, in 2010, there were more than 3 billion checks issued in France compared to just over 1.5 billion in 2019. In 2020, checks only represent 5% of non-cash transactions, far behind the bank card (55 %), transfer and direct debit (18% each).

It must be said that, unlike a payment by card or a bank transfer, it requires diligent management since the beneficiary can cash it up to a year and 8 days after the date on which it was issued. And above all, and this is its main drawback, it is the most defrauded means of payment. However, it remains useful and even almost essential on certain occasions, such as payment for medical consultations when the card is not accepted, for example.

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