Physical flows through Nord Stream 1 pipeline fall as expected

  • Flows were seen at 27.8 million kWh/h at 0500 – 0600 GMT
  • Flows were reduced to 24.8 million kWh/h at 0600 – 0700 GMT
  • Flows are now reduced to 17.4 million kWh/h for 0700 – 0800 GMT

This is consistent with Russia taking down capacity to roughly 20% with nominations suggesting that flows will plunge to 14.4 million kWh/h. For some context, physical flows have been roughly around 29 million kWh/h since resumption last week. In any case, this just reaffirms Russia is tightening the screws on Europe and the latter has major problems to deal with going into the winter months.

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