European indices close mostly lower. UK’s FTSE 100 rises.

The main European stock indices finish the day mostly down. The exception is Britain’s FTSE 100, which rose on the day but is at an all-time high. Britain’s FTSE 100 rose 73.98 points at its peak. It ends up being about a 29-point win. A look at the wear levels it shows: German DAX, -0. 6D French Cert -0.59D UK FTSE 100 0.39D Spanish Ibex -0.10D Italian FTSE MIB -0.5D German Rally D Wellheads have just been found. of the next 100-hour moving average (blue line in the chart below). A break below the 100 hourly moving average currently at 1 07 (current price 13925.59) is more difficult with more work in the near term. Last week’s low was 13791.52. That’s the next target, followed by a 38.2 percent gain from the Sept. 29 low. The lowest is 13602.86.

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