Dark store: what can condominiums do about these hidden warehouses in their building?

Dark stores, these hidden warehouses used for the preparation and distribution of orders placed on online sales sites, have been flourishing on the ground floor of buildings in the city for a few months. Fortunately, the co-owners of the building are protected by law and have several solutions to oppose the installation or the presence of these “signs”.

At the foot of the buildings, they look like shops but aren’t really: “dark stores” have been popping up in town for several months. These false signs actually hide warehouses used for the preparation and delivery of orders placed on the Internet, reports Le Figaro .

An illegal occupation by nature

Their activity is almost incessant and they do not receive customers. But their presence, on the other hand, causes many inconveniences for residents and occupants of the building: comings and goings of scooters, disfigurement of the storefront, noise and olfactory nuisances.

“ These dark stores are illegal on two counts since they have changed destination without the agreement of either the town hall or the co-ownership ”, details Bruno Lehnisch, a legal framework specializing in co-ownership law. To avoid seeing a dark store appear, the co-owners therefore have several possible levers of action.

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