BTC/USD Forecast: Continues to Look Like Where Money Went to Die

In terms of buying, we need to see pivots from the Federal Reserve, which could be an opportunity that all crypto traders should call for at this time. , BTC/USD floated little during Thursday’s trading session and was up 8/10 percent by the end of the US afternoon. Right now the market seems content to just kill time because it’s barely going anywhere. Although it can be looked at in two different ways, the reality is that it is more likely due to the complete ambivalence of the commodity at the moment. Advertisement Try this trading proposition with the best BTC/USD broker Get started Image Bitcoin is just below the 50-day EMA, which is just below the $18,000 level. The $18,000 level is an important area of ​​previous support and should now face some resistance due to the „market memory” phenomenon in this general vicinity. All things being equal, I think it will be difficult to break above that, and even if we do, there should be enough resistance up to the $20,000 level. So I think we’re reaching a point where the signs of exhaustion are disappearing, so I think we have a point where it’s only a matter of time before we collide. Bitcoin is likely to be a survivor Below the $15,000 level there should be a significant level of support and if we were to break below that we would probably fall quite significantly in this market. In this scenario, I think we will have a chance to see Bitcoin fall to the $12,000 level where it started the last uptrend. Everything below opens up the possibility of $10,000, and I think it’s a very real possibility. On the buy side, we should see a reversal from the Federal Reserve, which could be an opportunity that all crypto traders should be clamoring for. After all, Bitcoin has only operated in a loose monetary policy environment, it is clear that the tightening of monetary policy has done anything but destroy Bitcoin. It certainly destroyed other crypto projects, so for now I think Bitcoin will probably survive and one day it could be worth a ton. However, we also need to find a real use for it that he just hasn’t discovered yet.

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