Ozon will replace the discounted account on the marketplace with a bank card

Ozon launches a bank card to pay for purchases on the marketplace and outside it, will replace the „Ozon account” with this card, the company said.

Ozon has two banks – „Ozon Bank” with a basic license and „Ekom Bank” with a universal one. The card will be issued by Ekom Bank.

„The new Ozon card is an independent financial product of Ozon, issued by its own bank with a universal license. Thanks to the use of the Mir payment system, the debit card will be accepted everywhere in Russia, as well as in a number of foreign countries,” the company notes.

The card will provide discounts when buying goods on the marketplace and cashback when paying outside of Ozon. Additional banking services will soon be available to card users, the message says.

Users who have already opened an Ozon account will automatically see an Ozon card in their personal account instead. To use the card outside the marketplace, you need to go through additional online identification. The opportunity to open the card will appear from August 1, 2022.

Previously, Ozon offered a branded bank card issued by a partner that only allowed cashback on purchases. In July, Ozon completed a partnership project with RNCO „Payment Center”, within which this card was issued.

Ozon is a multi-category e-commerce platform and one of the largest Internet companies in Russia. The marketplace has almost 29 million active buyers.

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