Expert: Blockchain will be implemented in the housing sector in the coming years

The introduction of blockchain technologies in the housing and communal services sector may take place in the near future, such a step will reduce fraud in this area, says Alexander Kireev, technical director of the NTI Competence Center „Distributed Registry Technologies” based at St Petersburg University.

„The introduction of blockchain in the housing and communal services sector is real, and in the next few years,” he told RIA Novosti as part of the „Archipelago 2022” intensive.

According to the expert, relevant developments are already underway in Russia. Transparency and distributed computing based on blockchain mechanisms can reduce the load on data centers, as well as reduce traffic. Thanks to this, it will be possible to reduce the cost of accounting for consumption, as well as informatize remote areas, Kireev noted.

„At the same time, the volume of fraud in this market will be reduced many times over,” he stressed.

As the specialist said, the sphere of housing and communal services is distinguished by a large number of parties involved, the complexity of processes and a high degree of responsibility. Such conditions, in his opinion, are ideal for the application of the blockchain. „Distributed registries are interesting in the field of accounting for resources, maintaining communications, organizing and passing inspections and routine maintenance,” Kireev explained.

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