Biden said his visit to the Middle East will reduce the price of gasoline in the US

Gasoline prices at US gas stations are already falling on a daily basis, and the visit of US President Joe Biden to the Middle East will further contribute to this goal in the coming weeks. This was stated by the American leader during a press conference in Saudi Arabia.

“They are already falling, they are falling every day – as far as I know,” Biden said, stressing that his visit to the Middle East will contribute to a further drop in fuel prices. It will be noticeable „after another couple of weeks,” the US president said.

In addition, Biden discussed with representatives of the leadership of Saudi Arabia the issues of ensuring an adequate supply of oil on world markets.

As the owner of the White House added, the Saudi side „is aware of the importance and urgency of this issue.” „I expect to see new steps in this direction in the coming weeks,” Biden said.

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